Varsha Usgavkar’s energetic entry in ‘Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta’ Marathi Serial


The series ‘Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta’ is coming to Star Pravah soon. Producer-director Mahesh Kothare’s Kothare Visions has produced this series. Actress Varsha Usgavkar is coming to the audience from this series.

Varsha Usgavkar's energetic entry in 'Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta' Marathi Serial

His role is somewhat awkward. ‘Nandini Yashwant Shirke Patil’ is the personification. This is the role of a somewhat homely turn. Manisha Nandini Shirke is planning to bring a good wife for her son Jaydeep who has come from abroad. It will soon be known whether his wish is fulfilled.

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Girija Prabhu is playing the lead role in this series. The series will show the simple naive Gauri and the important turning point in her life. Apart from this, Malhar Jadhav will be seen in the role of Jaydeep. Apart from that, Madhavi Nimkar will also appear in this series.


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