Rita-Yashoman from ‘Phulpakharu’ will be seen together again in the upcoming Program.


The series ‘Phulpakharu‘, which was released in 2017, was very popular. In a short period of time, the series was popular among the viewers. Not only this, the audience liked the character of Manas and Vaidehi in this series very much. The pair became a popular pair. Actor Yashoman Apte and actress Rita Durgule appeared in the series. The series also boosted their popularity.

Although the series has said goodbye to the audience, now both the actors in the series will once again be seen in an upcoming show. Singing Star is a new musical coming soon. Actress Rita Durgule is the host in this program. Various artists and singers have participated in the event. Actor Yashoman Apte is one of them. Yashoman loves singing.

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This passion and art will be seen cultivating through this program. Rita and Yashoman will be seen in the same show from this reality show, not on the occasion of the series.


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