Eat dry fruits and increase hemoglobin in the body


A decreased number of cells in the blood can be harmful to the body. Also in feverish diseases like Dengue, Malaria, and Typhoid, the cells in the body are reduced. Therefore, doctors advise on what to do to increase the permeability of the body. Dry fruit is also a part of the blood process and it also helps in increasing the number of cells in the body. That is why it is considered best to consume 5 types of dried fruits daily.

Dried fruits are high in iron. Therefore, if dried fruits are consumed, it helps the body cells to grow and become strong. You can use these dried fruits for vegetables, ice cream, fruit salads. Also, since it contains glucose and fructose, fatigue goes away.

Eat dry fruits and increase hemoglobin in the body

Dried water is rich in iron, copper, and B-complex. This helps the red blood cells to stay healthy. So eating dried fruits is very beneficial in the process of making new blood in the body.

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Dried fruits contain vitamins A, A-beta carotene, and A-carotenoids. Therefore, the consumption of these dried fruits completes the elements that are useful for the eyes. Also, with age, cataracts and blurred vision are reduced. 100 grams of dried fruits can provide you with a lot of nutrients. Grams of sugar – 59 grams of protein – 3.1 grams of dietary fiber – 3.7 grams of calories – 299.


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